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We wanted to bring to the market something special - a high-quality matcha from Japan that is known for its abilities to improve health and well-being. We believe that nature has given us real miracle medicines. Matcha is grown in shady conditions and contains the nutrients of the whole tea leaf, resulting in more antioxidants.

What is the story of MakeMeBliss? We have always been interested in Japanese culture and medicine. The fast work and pace of life forced us to seek help for various troubles, such as stress, fatigue, illness, etc. We believe we have found the best natural solution and we want to share it with you.

Our logo symbolizes pyramids whose energy is known throughout the world for its healing effects. The letter B with a blue bird's tail symbolizes the word Bliss. Blue birds are known in the world as one of the greatest producers of happiness and love. The blue bird with the pyramids has come to your life! We believe that you can now breathe more calmly because it protects you and brings more clarity and harmony to your life.

We admire the art of Japanese kintsugi, where something even more valuable is seen in broken pottery. On the packaging of Matcha tea you can see the use of this art style, with which we want to celebrate imperfection. We want to help you find a healthy balance, good health and bliss with our products.